Hiking & Photography

Hike in the Dolomites and capture shots of spectacular views.

For a mountain and photography fan, hiking allows to discover breath-taking landscapes, sleeping surrounded by the Dolomites.

Partecipants: min. 5 people
Minimum age: 14 y.o.
Duration: full day




Photography workshop in the Dolomites

  • You will discover exciting trails
  • You will capture the true essence of the mountains with their colours and lights
  • With luck, you will meet the animals that live in the mountains
  • You will experience the wonder of the alpine flowers
  • You will build awareness about a conscious photography

€ 95,00

(per person)

Along beautiful alpine valleys embedded in the Dolomites with their lakes, woods, and rocks, you will take pictures of incredible views accompanied by a hiking guide, expert in naturalistic and landscape photography.

This is an activity for the mountains and photography fans, suitable for all who love taking pictures in the nature with compact cameras or reflex cameras.

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