Mountain bike for beginners

Our mountain bike instructors will teach children and teens to enjoy easy trails.

Children and teens will learn to stay properly on the bike venturing in funny and dynamic balance exercises.

Partecipants: min. 10 people
Duration: ½ day
Minimum age: 14 y.o.




Teaching mountain biking in the Dolomites

  • guaranteed fun
  • making with new friends
  • surrounded by nature
  • total safety in not dangerous environments
  • mechanical knowledge and small bike repairs


€ 20,00

(per child/teen)

In Moena and in its picturesque hamlets, we have created equipped trails for children and teens who can approach to mountain bike followed by a certified instructor in total safety. Teens and children will learn to get on properly on a bike, how to approach to corners, ascents, and descents and how to use properly brakes and gears, venturing in funny and dynamic balance exercises. During the sessions will be given helpful tips about the correct bike clothing and about the maintenance of their own bike (replacement of the inner tube, adjustment of saddle, etc…).

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