Grand Tour of the Rosengarten

From Vigo di Fassa we will follow one of the most impressive routes in the Dolomites. From Ciampediè we will hike across Gardeccia until the Vajolet Valley up to Rifugio Antermoia and Lake Antermoia. After spending the night in this alpine hut, we will cross the Antermoia Pass and the Cigolade Pass. Our trip will end at the starting point. This itinerary is hard and long (1450 metres uphill and downhill altitude difference), suitable to experienced hikers.

Grand Tour of the Langkofel

This trip takes place in Gröden and is fully appreciated by expert hikers. From the top station of the Col Rodella lift, we will reach the Sella Pass and hike across the City of Stones, an area of erratic boulders. We will hike until Rifugio Vicenza, at the foot of the Langkofel Peak. After spending the night in an alpine hut, we will continue until the Plattkofel Hut and then hike towards the top station if the Col Rodella lift. We recommend this hike to trained hikers, as it is long, even if it is not particularly difficult.

Grand Tour of the Civetta-Moiazza

This trip takes place in Veneto and is the complete tour of the Civetta-Moiazza mountain group. From Chiesa, a small village in Val di Goima, we will reach the Angelini trail until Forcella Inferiore delle Crepe. We will take then the Tivan trail and reach Rifugio Tissi. We will hike along Piani di Pelsa and Strada della Mussaia towards the Duran Pass. The ending point will be Chiesa. This is a long itinerary with 1700 metres altitude difference the first day and 800 metres the second day.

Trips upon request: there are many routes in the Dolomites for any hiker.

We will help you find the right routes for you according to your physical training.