Hiking helps regenerate yourself

The mountains help you to feel better about yourself. There is scientific evidence that walking, and hiking are a natural therapy. Walking makes you lose weight and tones your muscles. Hiking gives peace to body and soul.

You will learn how to walk following a good rhythm, enjoying the surrounding landscape and environment, while reducing your efforts. We will tell you stories happened in the Dolomites and teach read important nature signs, like the wind sound and direction, the movement of the clouds and the weather changes.

You will find all the tours in the Dolomites here.  Explore the Dolomite Alps with us!

Day Hikes

You can choose between short or long-distance mountain hikes, many difficulty levels and type of terrain. What do these tours have in common? The excitement you will experience due to the surrounding alpine scenery.

Multi day hikes

A 360-degree view on the Italian Dolomite alpine nature. We will guide you through multiple day hiking tours along routes suiting to anybody with many distance lengths and altitude differences. You will sleep in typical high-altitude alpine huts and cherish sunrise and sunset from a new point of view.