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Trust a Mountain Leader

Peaceful and safe hiking tours


A Mountain Leader deeply knows the mountains. A hiking guide also knows how to avoid possible dangerous situation by minimizing the risks that you could run into along the trail. After all, you should live the mountains as a good time, without stress nor competing with anyone else.


It is necessary to safeguard your safety in any hiking trip in the natural environment. The ground can vary continuously in just a few steps. That’s why you should adapt the different hiking techniques to avoid unpleasant accidents. I will teach you how to manage your energy and evaluate every difficulty by focussing on your goals.


Hiking, like other sports, allows you to make new friends sharing your same interests. You can learn how to find yourself and the others and recover simple acts of kindness that we have been forgetting in the modern hectic world.


Approaching the mountains turns into a pleasant and captivating discovery, due to the professionalism of the Mountain Leader. Flora, fauna, geology, meteorology, history (First World War) and local culture are the flagship of this discovery.

Self-Confidence Acquisition

If you believe to know yourself without knowing the surrounding environment, it can lead you to underestimate or overestimate your physical and mental skills. The task of the Mountain Leader is to support and boost your confidence facing any possible, but mainly mental, obstacle along the trail.