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Walking helps you feel restored

The mountains helps you feel better about yourself. Hiking and walking are a true scientifically proven natural therapy. Walking makes you lose weigh and tones up your body. Hiking gives calm and peace and is an elixir for body and mind.

You will learn to walk at the right pace and reach your goals by minimising efforts while enjoying the landscape and the surrounding environment. I will tell you about mountain stories, I will teach you how to approach the Dolomites through this outdoor activity: listen to the sound of the wind and its direction and follow the movement of the clouds.

Find out the most beautiful hiking tours on the Dolomites.

Day trips

One-day hiking trips on the Dolomites. Choose between day trek programmes of various length, difficulty and on any type of terrain. Experience spectacular mountain landscape on the Italian Alps.

Multiple day trips

Experience the Dolomites in multi-day hiking tours. Guided tailormade multi-day treks with various length and height difference. We will spend the night in the typical Alpine shelters at high altitude and we will see the sun rise and set from unforgettable points of view.

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