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In the mountains all year long

Discover the Dolomites from a new viewpoint

You can experience overwhelming emotions at any time of the year on the Dolomites. Nature awakens in spring and the snow melts showing the first signs of the arrival of summer, the meadows are covered with flowers, and it’s time to put the skis away on in the attic and pick up the mountain-bike, dust off your hiking boots, backpack and go for wonderful hikes and walks.

12 months of thrills

You can live the mountains not only in summer and winter, but all-year-long. Skiing and snowboarding naturally dominate during winter but then spring arrives with even longer days and new activities: take back the mountain-bike, dust off your hiking boots and set off to conquer breathtaking landscapes.

Summer shows off the majesty of the Italian Dolomite mountains. The call is strong and you cannot give up a great hiking trip to discover different points of view and new trails leading ever higher up to touch the sky.

Everything changes in autumn when mass tourism gives way to true connoisseurs and to people looking for a holiday among the Italian Alps. Take the chance to get closer to people living in places that are still deeply surrounded by nature. Hiking and walking become a moment of silent introspection.