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about me

Matteo Donei

My story and my passions

Mountains and the Dolomites of Fassa Valley make me feel at home. I was born in Moena among these magnificent peaks. At the very beginning of my career, I studied to become a ski instructor for the “Italian Ski School of Moena Dolomites”. I am qualified also as a Mountain Bike and Nordic Walking Instructor and Mountain Leader.

Find out more about me

I was born on the 13th August 1975 and grew up in Moena. I soon learned about the mountains through direct experience: when I was a child, I used to play on the meadows behind my house. I used to stray more each day, drawn to the call of nature and the mountains.

I immediately needed to indulge my passion for sport. I experienced my first steps on the snow like all other children born in Moena and in Fassa Valley. I was good at it. So I became ski and snowboard instructor and then Nordic Walking instructor in 1997-1998.

Another passion of mine: the mountain bike! I decided to become mountain bike instructor. But my greatest excitement, that is my today’s job, is a story beginning in 2016 as I became Mountain Leader.

Mountain Leader

Collegio Veneto – Trentino

The Mountain Leader is a professional role recognised by law, who must be entered in the Mountain Guide Register. Members are experts on excursions performing their activity in mountain regions without altitude restrictions as long as they do not use any alpinist equipment.

The course I attended was particularly selective: you need to know deeply the mountains and the related culture, without excluding knowledge in science, meteorology and geology. You also need to be able to give advice about training and nutrition and to move safely and confidence.

First, you need to excite people to love the mountains as you do. This is my real mission…

My philosophy

Fully immersed in my world, the Dolomites, I am thinking ad reading. It once happened to come across the following text that is still deep rooted in me and that I want to share with you word by word:

  • Ask me the reason why I love the mountains. Ask me the reason why, when life is a constraint, trails are my only way. Ask me why.
  • Why?
  • Because in the mountains you won’t waste your breath in useless words. You will preserve it to get on the top. Everything else is silence and kind words. There’s the sky and its mood. There’s you and your body to take care of.
    Ask me why…