First World War Trekking Tours

Discover the history on the Dolomites

Discover the main historic places on the Italian Dolomite mountains, where soldiers fought the First World War from 19141 to 1918.

The Gran Vera (in ladin language ‘Great War’) was waged one hundred years ago on the peaks of the Fassa Valley and all around the Dolomites. It is still possible today to relive intensely the most dramatic war of this region, discovering a life made of fighting and struggle for survival.

It is still possible to hike along First World War Dolomite Front trails, mule tracks and trenches that remained unchanged even though many years passed and visit the place where strong and helpless men got involved in a global war.

Live an emotional and exciting experience discovering the history of these places and the changes in the historical and geographical framework of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy.

Difficulty level: customised depending on the trip.

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